Somewhere along the line, video games got a bad rap for being violent wastes of time for children and adults alike. Truth is, however, there are man benefits that come with playing video games. Below we list just six of those.

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#1 – Builds Hand Eye Coordination

Hand eye coordination is an important skill used frequently in our daily lives. Video games are a wonderful way to hone those life skills. How? Your hands must be using the controller or keyboard while your eyes focus on the screen.

#2 – Good for Mental Health

It has been proven people who play video games are overall more mentally sound – contrary to the “rotting your brain” stuff parents liked to throw around a generation ago. The reason behind this may have a lot to do with the fun aspect, but also things like teamwork, accomplishment, and socialization people mistakenly don’t associate with games.

#3 – Teaches Basic Technological Literacy

Video games can be played through your phone, computer, console, or in settings like arcades. Using these distinct types listed can help children – and adults – become more familiar with basic technology. A person without at least a little technological literacy would be very lost in our modern world, where everything from paying bills to finding a date is done online.

#4 – It’s an Art Form

Take, for example, Disney Magic Kingdoms. instagram followers on this site is a building simulation revolving around building your own theme park while completing quests to defeat the bad guys. Disney Magic Kingdoms lives up to its creator’s household name in that it fully immerses players as much as a movie, book, play, or any other art form.

#5 – Fosters Teamwork

Many video games require teams working together to accomplish tasks. This helps to foster teamwork, which is a very transferable skill. Examples of such games include first person shooters, turn-based, MMORPGs, and single person role-playing games.

#6 – Teaches Problem Solving

Video games also give people the ability to work on solving problems. Sometimes this is obvious, such as puzzles or mysteries. But accomplishing quests or missions on a wide array of games requires figuring out how to solve a problem also.