Medical tape is a primary item contained inside of a First Aid Kit. This is true whether you buy a simple kit or one of the exquisite kits. It is sold at pharmacies and always sitting in at least one shelf at the doctor’s office. But, exactly what is medical tape and why is it used? You can learn more by reading the information below and with a visit to Gray Review.

Several types of medical tape exist and its use varies according to its type. The micropore paper tape is the most commonly used of the tapes. It is used to secure bandages and dressings for a multitude of injuries. It is hypoallergenic and adheres to the skin but is still easy to remove without harming the kin. Most of this medical tape has tiny holes in it so that it is breathable.

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Transpore polyethylene tape is also a tape that you might find in use at a medical office or even an option in your first aid kid. This is a translucent surgical tape that is also hypoallergenic and very strong. It can easily tear into strips and is easy to-use even when wearing gloves. Moisture evaporates from the skin of users that wear this tape. It is easy to stretch as well.

Zinc Oxide is another type of medical tape. It is oftentimes called sports tape and is most commonly used by athletes who want to prevent injuries to the soft tissues. It also helps cuts heal faster and works as a support for the various muscles in the body so it can better stabilized injured ligaments. This is a great tape that evades moisture and that the user can wear for long periods of time without worry. It works great in humid environments.

No matter which type of medical tape you see in use or read about at Gray Review, rest assured it is working to help a patient in one way or another and oftentimes, in many different ways. The three types of medical tape above all benefit those in the medical field tremendously and can help you if there are cuts, broken bones, or other injuries at home.